program Motion_HTTPServer_Arduino42_RGB_LED_Light; // Fourth httpserver script & arduino control of webmax internet series // Send the RGB command LED and DEL to shine on a LED on Arduino Board, #locs=492 // #sign:max: MAXBOX8: 28/01/2014 20:03:09 // update: just the RGB Color table, toogle web switch // V4.2 small version with RGB LED to switch 3 colors independent // TODO: check the sleep or delay difference in loop! Const BACKMAP = 'examples\images\bmp37.bmp'; SIG ='<--------->'; APORT = 8080; COMPORT ='COM3'; R_EXCEPTMESS = 'Comport not in use - Connect first^!'; var HTTPSrv: TIdCustomHTTPServer; //ends: TOnSessionEndEvent; cPort: TComPort; webswitch: boolean; Function getHTMLContentString(lastline: shortstring): string; begin result:= 'maXbox WebConnect Arduino

Welcome to LED WebBox3 *** Shine on you Crazy Diamond ***

'#13+ 'Check script 305_webserver_arduino3 to discover more:
'; end; procedure AOpenBrowser; begin S_ShellExecute('http:'+getHostIP+':'+IntToStr(APORT)+'/','',seCmdOpen) end; //******************************* HTTP Server *****************************// procedure HTTPServerGet(aThr: TIdPeerThread; reqInfo: TIdHTTPRequestInfo; respInfo: TIdHTTPResponseInfo); var loccom: string; begin PrintF('Cmd %s %s at %-10s received from %s:%d',[ReqInfo.Command, ReqInfo.Document, DateTimeToStr(Now), aThr.Connection.socket.binding.PeerIP, aThr.Connection.socket.binding.PeerPort]); loccom:= ReqInfo.Document; writeln('web debug: '+loccom) if ReqInfo.Document = '/' then begin RespInfo.ContentText:= getHTMLContentString('Switch LED ON with /LED or OFF with /DEL in URL') respinfo.writeheader; end else if uppercase(loccom)=uppercase('/LED') then begin cPort.WriteStr('1') writeln(loccom+ ': LED on'); RespInfo.ContentText:=getHTMLContentString('LED is: ON'); end else if uppercase(loccom)=uppercase('/DEL') then begin cPort.WriteStr('A'); writeln(loccom+ ': LED off'); RespInfo.ContentText:=getHTMLContentString('LED is: OFF') end else if (uppercase(loccom)=uppercase('/ON')) or (uppercase(loccom)=uppercase('/R')) then begin webswitch:= NOT webswitch; if webswitch then begin cPort.WriteStr('1') RespInfo.ContentText:=getHTMLContentString('LED Red is: ON Switch'); end else begin cPort.WriteStr('A'); RespInfo.ContentText:=getHTMLContentString('LED Red is: OFF Switch') end end else if uppercase(loccom)=uppercase('/G') then begin webswitch:= NOT webswitch; if webswitch then begin cPort.WriteStr('2') RespInfo.ContentText:=getHTMLContentString('LED is: Green'); end else begin cPort.WriteStr('B'); RespInfo.ContentText:=getHTMLContentString('LED is: Green OFF Switch') end end else if uppercase(loccom)=uppercase('/B') then begin webswitch:= NOT webswitch; if webswitch then begin cPort.WriteStr('3') RespInfo.ContentText:=getHTMLContentString('LED is: Blue'); end else begin cPort.WriteStr('C'); RespInfo.ContentText:=getHTMLContentString('LED is: Blue OFF Switch') end end else if uppercase(loccom)=uppercase('/RGB') then begin webswitch:= NOT webswitch; if webswitch then begin cPort.WriteStr('1') cPort.WriteStr('2') cPort.WriteStr('3') RespInfo.ContentText:=getHTMLContentString('LED is: RGB ON'); end else begin cPort.WriteStr('A') cPort.WriteStr('B') cPort.WriteStr('C'); RespInfo.ContentText:=getHTMLContentString('LED is: RGB OFF') end end else begin RespInfo.ResponseNo:= 404; //Not found round RespInfo.ContentText:= 'Sorry WebBox3 Error

' + RespInfo.ResponseText + '

'; end; end; procedure HTTPServerStartExecute(Sender: TObject); begin HTTPSrv:= TIdCustomHTTPServer.Create(self) with HTTPSrv do begin if Active then Free; if not Active then begin Bindings.Clear; bindings.Add; bindings.items[0].Port:= APORT; bindings.items[0].IP:= GetHostIP; //IPADDR; //''; Active:= true; onCommandGet:= @HTTPServerGet; PrintF('Listening HTTP on %s:%d.',[Bindings[0].IP,Bindings[0].Port]); end; PrintF('Server Started at %s ',[DateTimeToInternetStr(Now, true)]) //HTTPServer.Free; in close end; end; //*******************************COM Port Arduino*****************************// var chk_led1, chk_led2, chk_led3, chk_led4: TCheckBox; btn_connect, btn_Setup, btn_loopsos: TBitBtn; statBar: TStatusBar; comFrm: TForm; procedure LED_Checker(ab: boolean; checker: boolean); begin if checker then begin chk_led1.Checked:= ab; chk_led2.Checked:= ab; chk_led3.Checked:= ab; chk_led4.Checked:= ab; end else begin chk_led1.Enabled:= ab; chk_led2.Enabled:= ab; chk_led3.Enabled:= ab; chk_led4.Enabled:= ab; end; end; procedure TForm1_connectClick(Sender: TObject); begin if cPort.Connected then begin btn_connect.Caption:= 'Connect'; // Toggle caption of Connection Button ! btn_Setup.Enabled:= True; // If not connected, lets enable Setup Button btn_loopsos.Enabled:= false; // This block resets the state of all Leds to Off // According to ArduinoC the Chars A,B,C,D,E are used to set DigitalPins(2-6) to LOW with cPort do begin WriteStr('A'); WriteStr('B'); WriteStr('C'); WriteStr('D'); end; LED_Checker(false, true); cPort.Close; statBar.Panels[1].Text:='Disconnected'; LED_Checker(false, false); //enabler statBar.Panels[0].Text:=' Port closed '+ cPort.Port; end else begin btn_connect.Caption:='Disconnect'; // Toggle the caption of Connection Button btn_Setup.Enabled:=false; // If not connected, lets disable Setup Button btn_loopsos.Enabled:=true; // Now Rider demo button is enabled cPort.Open; // COM Port is finally opened statBar.Panels[1].Text:='Connected and ' +Format('Listening on http %s:%d', [HTTPSrv.Bindings[0].IP,HTTPSrv.Bindings[0].Port]); statBar.Panels[0].Text:= 'Port in use '+ cPort.Port; // This block enables check boxes // so a user can change them to set LED states when COM Port is connected LED_Checker(true, false); end end; procedure TForm1_SetupClick(Sender: TObject); begin cPort.ShowSetupDialog; //Opens predefined Setup Dialog (part of ComPort component) statBar.Panels[0].Text:='Port in use ' + cPort.Port; end; // Next are procedures to turning ON and OFF each led using the variables // Ports are turned ON by sending it corresponding var 1,2,3,4,5 // and they are turned OFF by sending it corresponding var A,B,C,D,E procedure chk_led1Click(Sender: TObject); var strback: string; begin if chk_led1.Checked=true then cPort.WriteStr('1') else cPort.WriteStr('A'); if cPort.ReadStr(strback,1) > 0 then writeln('debug: com back led 1 signal ' +strback); end; procedure chk_led2Click(Sender: TObject); begin if chk_led2.Checked=true then cPort.WriteStr('2') else cPort.WriteStr('B'); end; procedure chk_led3Click(Sender: TObject); begin if chk_led3.Checked=true then cPort.WriteStr('3') else cPort.WriteStr('C') end; //special piezo sound procedure chk_led4Click(Sender: TObject); var i: integer; begin if chk_led4.Checked=true then for i:= 1 to 200 do begin cPort.WriteStr('4') sleep(random(5)) cPort.WriteStr('D') sleep(2) end else cPort.WriteStr('D') end; //**************** map of digitalWrite()************************ Const AHIGH = 1; ALOW = 0; type cEnum =(red, green, blue); procedure digitalWrite(enum: cEnum; level: byte); begin case enum of red: if level=1 then cport.WriteStr('1') //ON else cport.WriteStr('A'); //OFF green: if level=1 then cport.WriteStr('2') else cport.WriteStr('B'); blue: if level=1 then cport.WriteStr('3') else cport.WriteStr('C'); end; end; procedure TForm1_Rainbowloop(Sender: TObject); var mtime, multiple: integer; begin LED_Checker(false, true); {Color Spectrum from Red to White code (r,y,g,c,b,m,w...} mtime:= 500; //1000; multiple:= 2; statBar.Panels[1].Text:='Rainbow - Click LED4 checkbox to end the loop!'; try with cPort do begin //using repeat //WriteStr('1'); Sleep(mtime); digitalWrite(red, AHIGH); // red delay(mtime); digitalWrite(green, AHIGH); // yellow delay(mtime); digitalWrite(red, ALOW); // green delay(mtime); digitalWrite(blue, AHIGH); // cyan delay(mtime); digitalWrite(green, ALOW); // blue delay(mtime); digitalWrite(red, AHIGH); // magenta delay(mtime); digitalWrite(green, AHIGH); // white mtime:= mtime * multiple; delay(mtime); digitalWrite(blue, ALOW); // reset digitalWrite(green, ALOW); digitalWrite(red, ALOW); mtime:= mtime div multiple; //time/=multiple; until chk_led4.Checked=true; chk_led4.Checked:= false; end; except Showmessage(R_EXCEPTMESS); end; end; procedure TForm1_FormClose(Sender: TObject; var Action: TCloseAction); begin if cPort.Connected then begin cPort.WriteStr('A'); // If the application is closed, its good to leave cPort.WriteStr('B'); // everything as we found it at start. cPort.WriteStr('C'); // So we reset all the leds to OFF cPort.WriteStr('D'); cPort.Close; end; HTTPSrv.Free; Writeln('Server Stopped at '+DateTimeToInternetStr(Now, true)) end; Procedure LabelFactory(a,b,c,d: byte; title: shortstring); begin with TLabel.create(self) do begin parent:= comfrm; SetBounds(a,b,c,d); Caption:= title end; end; Procedure CheckBoxFactory(a,b,c,d: byte; title: shortstring; abox: TCheckbox; anevent: TNotifyEvent); begin with abox do begin parent:= comfrm; SetBounds(a,b,c,d) Caption:= title; Enabled:= False; end; end; Procedure BtnFactory(a,b,c,d: smallint; title: shortstring; apic: shortstring; abtn: TBitBtn; anevent: TNotifyEvent); begin with abtn do begin parent:= comfrm; setBounds(a,b,c,d) font.size:= 12; glyph.LoadFromResourceName(HINSTANCE, apic); mXButton(05,05,width, height,12,12,handle); caption:= title; //onClick:= anevent; end; end; procedure ACreateComPort(Sender: TObject); begin cPort:= TComPort.Create(self); with cPort do begin BaudRate:= br9600; Port:= COMPORT; //'COM5'; Parity.Bits:= prNone; StopBits:= sbOneStopBit; DataBits:= dbEight; {FlowControl.OutCTSFlow:= False; FlowControl.OutDSRFlow:= False; FlowControl.XonXoffOut:= False; FlowControl.XonXoffIn:= False;} end; statBar.Panels[0].Text:='Pre Port in use '+ cPort.Port; //predefined Port at start if cPort.Connected=true then begin statBar.Panels[1].Text:='Connected' statBar.Panels[0].Text:=' Port in use '+ cPort.Port; end else begin statBar.Panels[1].Text:='Disconnected' statBar.Panels[0].Text:=' Port closed '+ cPort.Port; end; end; //******************************* Form Build******************************** procedure AInitComPortForm; var img: TImage; begin comFrm:= TForm.create(self); img:= TImage.Create(comFrm); with img do begin parent:= comFrm; setbounds(250,100,400,300) end; with comFrm do begin FormStyle:= fsStayOnTop; Position:= poScreenCenter; caption:='COM & Arduino RGB LED'; width:= 700; height:= 570; //onCreate:= @TForm1_FormCreate; onClose:= @TForm1_FormClose; Show; img.Canvas.brush.bitmap:= getBitmapObject(Exepath+BACKMAP); img.Canvas.FillRect(Rect(420,300,0,0)) end; btn_Setup:=TBitBtn.create(comfrm); //Constructors btn_connect:=TBitBtn.create(comfrm); btn_loopsos:=TBitBtn.create(comfrm); btn_loopsos.Enabled:=false; btn_Setup.onClick:= @TForm1_SetupClick; BtnFactory(20,440,150,55, '&COM Settings','LEDbulbon',btn_Setup, NIL); btn_connect.onClick:= @TForm1_connectClick; BtnFactory(180,440,150,55, 'C&onnect Node','CL_MPNEXT',btn_connect, NIL); btn_loopsos.onClick:= @TForm1_Rainbowloop; BtnFactory(500,440,150,55, '&Rainbow Rising','CL_MPRECORD',btn_loopsos, NIL); chk_led1:= TCheckBox.create(self) chk_led1.OnClick:= @chk_led1Click; CheckBoxFactory(16,42,57,17, 'Led 1',chk_led1,NIL); chk_led2:= TCheckBox.create(self) chk_led2.OnClick:= @chk_led2Click; CheckBoxFactory(16,66,57,17, 'Led 2',chk_led2,NIL); chk_led3:= TCheckBox.create(self) chk_led3.OnClick:= @chk_led3Click; CheckBoxFactory(16,90,57,17, 'Led 3',chk_led3,NIL); chk_led4:= TCheckBox.create(self) chk_led4.OnClick:= @chk_led4Click; CheckBoxFactory(16,114,57,17, 'Led 4',chk_led4,NIL); with TLabel.create(self) do begin parent:= comfrm; setBounds(16,12,69,13) Caption:= 'LED Control'; Font.Color:= clMaroon; Font.Size:= 14; end; with TLabel.create(self) do begin parent:= comfrm; setBounds(155,12,69,13) Caption:= 'Arduino PIN'; Font.Color:= clNavy; Font.Size:= 14; end; LabelFactory(80,42,39,13, SIG) LabelFactory(80,66,39,13, SIG) LabelFactory(80,90,39,13, SIG) LabelFactory(80,114,39,13, SIG) LabelFactory(156,42,38,13, 'Dig 11 Red') LabelFactory(156,66,38,13, 'Dig 12 Green') LabelFactory(156,90,38,13, 'Dig 13 Int Blue') LabelFactory(156,114,38,13, 'Dig 6 Extra') with TDateTimePicker.Create(self) do begin parent:= comfrm; Date; top:= 190; left:= 15; calAlignment:= albottom; end; statBar:= TStatusBar.create(self); with statBar do begin parent:= comFrm; Panels.add; panels.items[0].width:= 200; Panels.add; panels.items[1].width:= 150; end; //TForm1_FormCreateCom(self); end; //***********************End Form Build************************ function CheckComPort: boolean; var ComPorts: TStringlist; begin result:= false; ComPorts:= TStringlist.Create; try EnumComPorts(ComPorts); PrintF('COM Port Check of Arduino %d COM: ',[ComPorts[0]]); except PrintF('No COM Ports',[]); end; ComPorts.Free; result:= true; end; Begin //Main Server App writeln('machine IP: '+GetIpAddress(getHostName)) writeln('Thread ID :'+intToStr(CurrentThreadID)) writeln('Process ID :'+intToStr(CurrentProcessID)) writeln('Machine name is: '+getHostName) writeln('User name is: '+getUserName) if Not IsTCPPortOpen(APORT,getHostIP) then //firewall? HTTPServerStartExecute(self); CheckComPort AInitComPortForm; ACreateComPort(self); AOpenBrowser; //GetTimeZoneInformation End. def Docu and Arduino Code below tested with Android seekBar and Chrome //***********************************Web Code Snippets****************** (*procedure AccessDenied; begin ResponseInfo.ContentText:= 'Error

Access denied

'#13 + 'You do not have sufficient priviligies to access this document.'; ResponseInfo.ResponseNo:= 403; end;*) (*procedure AuthFailed; begin ResponseInfo.ContentText:= 'Error

Authentication failed

'#13 + 'Check the file ip_a.ini to discover the demo password:
'; ResponseInfo.AuthRealm:= CAUTHENTICATIONREALM; *) (*if not HTTPServer.Active then begin HTTPServer.Bindings.Clear; Binding := HTTPServer.Bindings.Add; Binding.Port := StrToIntDef(edPort.text, 80); Binding.IP := ''; end;*) //statusbar1.SimpleText:= 'http active on v1.9'; //+ [IdServerInterceptOpenSSL.SSLOptions.Method] //DisplayMessage(Format('OpenSSLVersion is: %s', [getOpenSSLVersion])) procedure TfrmServer.pgpEHTMLHTMLTag(Sender: TObject; Tag: TTag; const TagString: string; TagParams: TStrings; var ReplaceText: string); var LTag: string; begin LTag := LowerCase(TagString); if LTag = 'date' then ReplaceText := DateToStr(Now) else if LTag = 'time' then ReplaceText := TimeToStr(Now) else if LTag = 'datetime' then ReplaceText := DateTimeToStr(Now) else if LTag = 'server' then ReplaceText := httpServer.ServerSoftware; end; Port Not Open.Fault : Port Not Open. Date/time : 30.09.2012 17:53:52 Stack dump ---------- 0055632D 00556DB4 00556EFF 00556F71 0010EA73 0010FA01 0001A20A 00103D2F 000024DA 000055C5 00005608 000056E5 000FF62D 00101499 00111208 0070F174 00109E7E 0000BC4C 00108D45 00004489 00113E79 00113923 0046A014 0046A7B7 0046A90C 00308923 002228ED 0022293E 0022295B 00222985 0003644F 00005466 Fault : Port Not Open.Fault : Port Not Open. Date/time : 30.09.2012 17:53:52 Stack dump ---------- 0055632D 00556DB4 00556EFF 00556F71 0010EA73 0010FA01 0001A20A 00103D2F 000024DA 000055C5 00005608 000056E5 000FF62D 00101499 00111208 0070F174 00109E7E 0000BC4C 00108D45 00004489 00113E79 00113923 0046A014 0046A7B7 0046A90C 00308923 002228ED 0022293E 0022295B 00222985 0003644F 00005466 Date/time : 30.09.2012 17:53:52 Stack dump //*******************************************Arduino Code********************** /* * Delphi LEDs Control * ----------------- * Turns on and off 5 light emitting diodes(LED) connected to digital * pins 2 thru 6. The LEDs will be controlled using check boxes on maXbox * that sends serial data to Arduino Board. * * IMPORTANT!!: Don't forget to download the Example 305_webserver_arduino3.txt that controls the leds connected to arduino board. * * Created April 02 2009 * copyleft 2009 Roberto Ramirez * Full Source code at * */ int val = 0; // variable to store the data from the serial port int ledPin1 = 2; // LED connected to digital pin 2 int ledPin2 = 3; // LED connected to digital pin 3 int ledPin3 = 4; // LED connected to digital pin 4 int ledPin4 = 5; // LED connected to digital pin 5 int ledPin5 = 6; // LED connected to digital pin 6 void setup() { pinMode(ledPin1,OUTPUT); // declare the LED's pin as output pinMode(ledPin2,OUTPUT); // declare the LED's pin as output pinMode(ledPin3,OUTPUT); // declare the LED's pin as output pinMode(ledPin4,OUTPUT); // declare the LED's pin as output pinMode(ledPin5,OUTPUT); // declare the LED's pin as output Serial.begin(9600); // connect to the serial port } void loop () { val =; // read the serial port if (val !=-1){ if (val=='1'){ digitalWrite(ledPin1,HIGH); } else if (val=='A'){ digitalWrite(ledPin1,LOW); } if (val=='2'){ digitalWrite(ledPin2,HIGH); } else if (val=='B'){ digitalWrite(ledPin2,LOW); } if (val=='3'){ digitalWrite(ledPin3,HIGH); } else if (val=='C'){ digitalWrite(ledPin3,LOW); } if (val=='4'){ digitalWrite(ledPin4,HIGH); } else if (val=='D'){ digitalWrite(ledPin4,LOW); } if (val=='5'){ digitalWrite(ledPin5,HIGH); } else if (val=='E'){ digitalWrite(ledPin5,LOW); } //Serial.println(); } } //Second Edition RGB LED *************************************** //Binary sketch size: 1944 bytes (of a 32256 byte maximum) /* Blink LEDMAX___WebofThings2 Turns on an LED on for one second, then off for one second, repeatedly. This example code of maXbox is in the public domain. */ int ledPin11 = 11; int ledPin12 = 12; int ledPin13 = 13; int ledPin6Spec = 6; int counter =0; int change = 1; int val = 0; // variable to store the data from the serial port void setup() { // initialize the digital pin as an output. // Pin 13 has an LED connected on most Arduino boards: Serial.begin(9600); //pinMode(ledPin1, OUTPUT); pinMode(ledPin11, OUTPUT); pinMode(ledPin12, OUTPUT); pinMode(ledPin13, OUTPUT); pinMode(ledPin6Spec, OUTPUT); } int changeCounter() { if (counter ==255) change=-1; if (counter ==0) change= 1; counter = counter + change; return counter; } void ledmax(){ digitalWrite(ledPin11, HIGH); // set the LED on delay(500); // wait for a second digitalWrite(ledPin11, LOW); // set the LED off delay(500); // wait for a second digitalWrite(ledPin11, HIGH); // set the LED on delay(500); // wait for a second digitalWrite(ledPin11, LOW); // set the LED off delay(500); // wait for a second } void loop() { //digitalWrite(ledPin1, HIGH); // set the LED on //delay(4000); // wait for a second //digitalWrite(ledPin1, LOW); // set the LED off //delay(1000); // wait for a second val =; // read the serial port if (val !=-1){ if (val=='1'){ digitalWrite(ledPin11,HIGH); } else if (val=='A'){ digitalWrite(ledPin11,LOW); } if (val=='2'){ digitalWrite(ledPin12,HIGH); } else if (val=='B'){ digitalWrite(ledPin12,LOW); } if (val=='3'){ digitalWrite(ledPin13,HIGH); } else if (val=='C'){ digitalWrite(ledPin13,LOW); } if (val=='4'){ digitalWrite(ledPin6Spec,HIGH); } else if (val=='D'){ digitalWrite(ledPin6Spec,LOW); } //Serial.write('X'); Serial.write(val); } //counter = changeCounter(); //analogWrite(ledPin2, counter); //delay(10); //ledmax(); // digitalWrite(13, HIGH); // set the LED off //delay(100); // wait for a second //digitalWrite(13, LOW); // set the LED off //delay(100); // wait for a second // digitalWrite(13, LOW); // set the LED off //delay(1000); // wait for a second } //all colors test routine in Rainbow loop on client site! const int red = 9; const int green = 10; const int blue = 11; int time = 1000; int multiple = 2; void setup() {pinMode(red, OUTPUT); pinMode(green, OUTPUT); pinMode(blue, OUTPUT); } void loop() { digitalWrite(red, HIGH); // red delay(time); digitalWrite(green, HIGH); // yellow delay(time); digitalWrite(red, LOW); // green delay(time); digitalWrite(blue, HIGH); // cyan delay(time); digitalWrite(green, LOW); // blue delay(time); digitalWrite(red, HIGH); // magenta delay(time); digitalWrite(green, HIGH); // white delay(time*=multiple); digitalWrite(blue, LOW); // reset digitalWrite(green, LOW); time/=multiple; }