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maXbox a scripter studio with precompiled delphi engine in one exe! Designed for coding/developing methods and algorithms for Win, Mac and Linux (CLX) to build OP code + support Arduino / Android / Python. mX4 is based on RemObjects Pascal Script. coolcode! Preview mX4 maXbox5 Preview

maXbox is built on entities, examples and exercices. Code technologies, address importance of simpler support of a OO syntax, offers insight into a key role developers' play in code to train your brain with Integrix. Previously, it had been thought different OO-methods were required to address many education segments, so this is ambitious and I advise start with procedural coding first and then OOP.

UML System Architecture


CODEsign Code & Design

UML is said to address modelling of manual, as well as systems, and to be capable of describing current systems and specifying new ones. UML is intended analysis and design language, not a full software development methodology. Specifies notations & diagrams, but makes no suggestions how these should be used in dev process. The world revolves around code and design to support it.